Сертификат на возвращение в Республику Узбекистан является документом, наделяющим правом на въезд в Республику Узбекистан граждан Республики Узбекистан и лиц без гражданства, временно находящихся за границей, и выдается в случае утери (порчи) их проездного документа за границей (паспорта гражданина Республики Узбекистан, удостоверения гражданина РУ, не достигшего 16-летнего возраста, удостоверения лица без гражданства).
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Use of herbs as medicines is a practice that dates back to thousands of years. Though advancement in the field of health science and the pharma industry has been continuously inventing, manufacturing and producing highly effective medicines, the natural medicines made from herbs, leafs and plant extracts are still very much in use, and in fact people’s preference towards them is on a rise again since researches and studies have proved these medicines as side effect-free. The medicinal properties of herbs, roots and leafs are diverse and many leafs serve as medicines for multiple problems. Besides, there are leafs that provide the body energy and help in having a sound mental condition. Kratom is one such life which has been on use as a medicine for thousands of people by people belonging to different cultural groups. Found in the tropical floral zones of IndoChina regions and Malaysia in South-East Asia , Kratom is known for its great medicinal, recreational and spiritual properties.

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